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Colosseum,s History and Facts

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Easter Island Chile unique mystery of statues

In the Atlantic Ocean, far off the coast of Chile, there is an island known as Easter Island. This island has many secrets hidden within it and for hundreds of years experts have been searching to somehow gather this information about the history of this island.  The island is renowned for the thousands of giant statues on it. All around Easter Island, water is everywhere. There are many stories about the statues on the island, some say they were created by the humans who lived here. While some believe that it is not a matter of human beings, they are created by aliens. In 1722, about 300 years ago, a European traveler Jacob Rogwin accidentally landed on this island. Jacob was surprised when he first saw the statues on the island, and his surprise turned to worry when he saw that the number of statues on the island numbered in the hundreds. Looking at the statues, it seems as if a sculptor has carved them with great skill. The day Jacob accidentally landed on the island was Eastar Sund

Mirror beach Japan Chichi Bogahama

Tokyo: Chi Chi Bogahama Beach in Japan is well-known for its beauty, as every scene here looks like a mirror image.  His thousands of pictures are very popular on Instagram and other social media, and people are flocking here. Located near the city of Maitoyo, this beach is located in the Kagawa region (prefecture). Overnight the Instagrammer has made it incredibly popular, but the story started in 2016. The Maitio city administration then asked citizens and tourists to share photos of the city that would be included into a contest. One of these students stunned the world with a stunning photo of people, sun, and sky reflected in the shallow water on the beach as if it were a transparent mirror on the bottom. It is also called the Uyuni Salt Lake of Japan. It should be noted that Uyuni Lake in Bolivia also has similar reflective properties. But the one-kilometer-long Japanese coast is mostly filled with shallow water that reflects off the sides. In this way, the water acts as a mirror

Interesting facts of Amazon Rainforest

One can't survive for a minute without lungs. Because lungs provide us with oxygen, which is the most vital requirement for life. Do you know that, much like our lungs, our planet also has lungs which provide the planet with oxygen?  Amazon forest produces 20% oxygen on our planet and are known as the lungs of earth. Today we are going to share some important facts about Amazon which is home to hundreds of thousands of different types of animals, insects, and birds.  Amazon, also known as Amazonia, is the world's largest forest, spanned across 5.5 million square kilometers. According to wildlife experts and archaeologists, Amazon forest is almost 55 million years old. It covers an area of ​​almost 20% of the whole South America. In other words, it is 7 times as large as a country like Pakistan. It extends up to 9 countries including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Ghana and French Ghana. 60% of Amazon forest is in Brazil, 13% in Peru, 10% in Colombia, while

Top 10 unique places in Singapore

There are many unique places in Singapore which gives you a calm an amazing view of nature. Some of the unique places in singapore are given below. Merlion a unique city of singapore Gardens By the Bay The unique beauty of Sentosa Island Famous Siloso Beach  Singapore Zoo  Night Safari Singapore Chinatown singapore  Jewel Changi Airport  Butterfly garden Marina bay Sands skypark Universal Studios Singapore Singapore, a city yet an archipelago that consists of 64 offshore islands, is best described as a playground for the rich due to the sheen of wealth. Apart from high-end shopping malls, luxury hotels, and fine dining, Singapore is a city that has pioneered many exciting and cutting-edge advancements in science and technology. Hence with no hesitation, flaunt extraordinary innovations to amaze the world. Whether the world's first man-made waterfall and the world's best airport in the world or a cloud forest, the Lion City has inspired many nature lovers and science fanatics.

Santorini a unique place in Greece

Santorini is one of the top beautiful place in Greece . From leisurely dining to stormy adventures, a chance to enjoy some of the best views of the volcanic island, the best things to do here in Santorini! Dome roofs, stunning architecture, and the sparkling waters of Santorini are easily recognizable for those who dream of visiting the beautiful Cyclades Island. Located in the middle of the Aegean Sea and famous for its ancient vineyards and volcanic beaches, the island is best visited for several days. Where is Santorini?  Santorini is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Santorini is an island that is part of the Cyclades, a group of islands called because they form a circular shape. The island is about 300 km from Athens (the capital of Greece, an island on the mainland), 150 km south of Mykonos, and 140 km north of Crete. What is Santorini famous for? Santorini is renowned for its beautiful sunsets and long volcanic beaches. This means that Aegean Island is one of the most popular t

Top 5 unique places in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is one of the highest and developing traveler fantasy in Australia. Melbourne offers a large group of thrilling exercises and social activates for families, Guest Posting couples, and companions. Aside from being the capital of Victoria, Melbourne is otherwise called the City of Churches,a unique city which will leave you awestruck. This city is a blend of individuals from different regions of the planet including Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and numerous pieces of Australia. It is generally viewed as one of the most lovely urban communities on the planet and is ideal for touring, shopping, and investigating. It offers a superb climate, genuine English High Street, and incredible shopping encounters. There are additionally many intriguing activities. Here are the main five activities in Melbourne that you ought to look at: Melbourne Zoo Melbourne Zoo is a very well-known facility in Melbourne and is known for its changed natural life. It is an ideal place where you can see